Land Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that the City of Chicago, including this office space, resides upon the traditional lands of the Council of the Three Fires: Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe), Odawak (Odawa), and Bodéwadmik (Potawatomi). I recognize that the surrounding Nations of the Ho’Chunk (Winnebago and Hoocąk nations), Jiwere (Otoe), (Missouria), and Baxoje (Iowas), Kiash Matchitiwuk (Menominee), Meshkwahkîha (Meskwaki), Asâkîwaki (Sauk), Myaamiaki (Miami), Waayaahtanwaki (Wea), and Peeyankihšiaki (Piankashaw), Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo), and Inoka (Illini Confederacy), along with the Council of the Three Fires are the ancestral stewards of the land, having utilized the area for trade, gathering, home, and healing for hundreds of years prior to colonization and state sponsored violence.

I acknowledge that the forced removal from their ancestral lands was -and continues to be- traumatic for millions of Indigenous People, and we must work to support Indigenous communities in their struggles for self-determination, autonomy, and sovereignty.