Anastasia on Therapy:

Therapy is a collaborative process; as a therapist, I don't "fix" things (or people). I'm here to empower you and work with you to develop your strengths to succeed. Therapy isn't an easy process, but it's made easier if you have someone to guide you along the way. I look at therapy as mountain climbing: although you may be able to climb the mountain on your own, you could get lost in the forest, or not know which tools to use to make the climb easier. As a therapist, I look ahead to see where you're going, provide the appropriate tools from the tool box, even helping to clear some of the forest, at times. I utilize a combination of psychotherapy, skill building work, and evidence-based treatment modalities, and together, we can find a method that works for you and your goals. Coming to therapy means that you're willing to be vulnerable, and I'm honored that you're willing to be vulnerable with me.

Psychotherapy ("talk therapy")

Anastasia's practice is client centered and empowerment based and will work with you to create an individualized and effective therapeutic space for you to move toward self-actualization through self-discovery and skill development. She is trained in several evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive processing therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Anastasia provides both short-term and long-term therapy, and is able to collaborate with other members of care your team.


Anastasia offers individual case consultation on an ongoing or short-term basis to clinicians working towards their independent license or those who are independently licensed. Anastasia brings her wealth of scientific knowledge, her expertise in eating disorders, trauma informed care, and caregiver stress/burnout, as well as her experience bringing trauma informed practices into oppressive institutions.

CEU Presentations and Organizational Development

Anastasia's background in the hard sciences allows her to bring a unique perspective to the field of social work and therapy. As a former chemist, she has a unique understanding of how small molecules (drugs, neurotransmitters, etc.) interact in the brain. She is able to distill complex scientific topics into easily digestible information for people with varying levels of background knowledge. Anastasia is an informative and dynamic speaker with experience presenting to local organizations regarding the intersection of eating disorders and sexual trauma. She is available to provide presentations or consultation to mental health and corporate organizations on the scientific aspects of these topics.